Reader-submitted content: National Day of Prayer coming up

Sabrina Farmer

With National Day of Prayer scheduled for noon Thursday, we would like to share what has been happening locally in what has been called the “prayer movement.”

As crisis after crisis arises in the world around us, people are being drawn to a secret place of prayer to find peace that passes understanding.

In this kingdom where God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven, we learn that to be promoted we must learn to serve from the heart. We learn that mustard seeds are enough to move mountains, and we learn that the weapon of choice for Christians is love.

Why? Love never fails. Overcoming darkness is not about railing against it, but simply being the light of the world in the middle of it.

The National Day of Prayer is emblematic of what seems like an orchestration from Heaven to bring about unity within the church which God’s word says is the bride of Christ collectively.

We are learning to celebrate our union instead of focusing on our divisions. Citywide prayer meetings have been taking place since January to bring about greater unity among the churches.

In these meetings we are building a culture of honor. There is a reciprocity created between heaven and earth when we pour out our hearts with thanksgiving and adoration before the Lord who is, at the end of all of our seeking and yearning, our very great reward. We’ll make our requests for rain, for righteousness, for justice and mercy as we declare the goodness of God out of hearts overflowing with wonder and thanks.

National Day of Prayer is noon Thursday in front of the Curry County Courthouse. May’s citywide prayer meeting is 7 p.m. May 10 at Matt 25 Hope Center with focus on praying for rain.

Thursday noon prayer meetings are also at Matt 25 Hope Center. Please come.