Shoutouts — Nov. 13

Curry County volunteers honored

A dinner was held on Nov. 4 to recognize all the volunteers in Curry County for their service and to award the volunteer who contributed the most time. Approximately 150 people attended, representing the volunteer stations and Senior Centers where they volunteer to help improve out community and five elementary schools that host the Foster Grandparent Program.

Commissioner Frank Blackburn and Commissioner Robert Sandoval were present at the dinner to help recognize the 8 senior citizen centers in Curry County that provide a welcoming environment for all seniors in the community interested in taking part in the group atmosphere.

The senior citizen centers in Curry County vary in size and available services. All of them have regular meetings for members and provide activities. Some centers have educational programs, counseling and support groups, offer meals, and transportation for shopping trips and outings.

For the past 19 years, Curry County has operated the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) and Foster Grandparent Program. Older adults, fifty-five and above contribute their skills and experience through these programs. Commissioner Sandoval said, “The best way to get involved is by becoming a member of the RSVP or a Foster Grandparent. The office is at 816 Main St. Drop by and simply fill out a registration form and then send in your hours at the end of each month.”

“This year we recognized Frank Ice, the overseer of the Bread of Life which is located in the basement of the Matt 25. He’s been doing this 2006, the onset of the program. On average, the Bread of Life serves 300 families, distributes over 10,000 pounds of food and gives away 900 items of clothing to needy families, per month,” said Lance A. Pyle, Curry County manager.

Mr. Ice solicits foods from grocery stores and support from local businesses, uses his own vehicle to transport the donations, supervises other volunteers as they package the groceries into family-sized portions and distributes the food free of charge.

In addition to the Bread of Life, Frank in also and Ombudsman, advocating the rights of residents in long term care facilities. Between the two organizations, Frank Ice has contributed more than 1350 hours this year, making him the volunteer who contributed the most hours in 2010-2011.

The Aging and Long Term Services Department joined Curry County in congratulating Fern Ice as the recipient of this year’s Gerald D. McBride Commitment to Excellence Award as Outstanding Volunteer. Fern has made more than 428 resident contacts, provided information to residents and families, attend resident and family council meetings and conducted ongoing visits to facilities.