Science fair results

Results for Clovis students at the Eastern New Mexico Regional Science Fair on Feb. 25 in Portales:

Clovis Christian Schools

• Ethan Hill, first in earth and planetary science

• Kaitlyn Aldaz-Rael, first in mathematical sciences

• Chris Ortiz, first in physics and astronomy

Mesa Elementary

• Levi Blea, first in behavioral and social sciences

• Kali Mellor, second in behavioral and social sciences

• Cole Schaap, first in materials and bio-engineering

• Anthony Schutte Garza, first in computer science

• Cassidy Schwartz, third in chemistry

Yucca Middle School

• Luke Robinson, second in environmental sciences

Zia Elementary

• Cam Kuykendall, first in medicine and health science

• Syndi Hill, first in microbiology