Commissioner salaries smaller than in similar-size counties

Robin Fornoff

Curry County commissioners make less money than counterparts in at least two similar-size New Mexico counties. But they make far more than commissioners in Roosevelt County and the city of Clovis.

And when it comes to benefits, they enjoy the same health and retirement packages as every city and county official under plans provided by the state.

Curry commissioners are paid about $2,800 less a year than commissioners in Eddy and Chaves counties. They make $4,000 more each year than commissioners in Roosevelt County and more than twice the amount paid city commissioners in Clovis.

Benefits for Curry commissioners include the county paying for 75 percent of medical and life insurance.

Additionally, Curry commissioners contribute 3.29 percent of their gross salary to the state’s Public Employees Retirement plan. The county contributes 19 percent of each commissioner’s salary to the same plan.

Here’s a quick look at annual salary comparisons:

Curry County Commission


Roosevelt County Commission


Chaves County Commission


Eddy County Commission


Clovis City Commission

$7,000 — Commissioners

$8,000 — Mayor